Ken Wilson, Evangelist

Graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theolgical Smeinary

Ken presents the basic gospel messsage to your congregation, either during a worship service or special event. Bring forth the message by:
How can I begin relationship with God and know Him personality?
How can I possibly be make right with God when I am so far from being good enough?
How can I have my sins forgiven and have assurance of eternal life?

Ken can also provide a message or seminar on personal evangelism.
How can I overcome the fears I feel at the mere mention of the word, “evangelism?”
How can I bring the gospel to my friends in a way that feels safe for me and for them?
How can I explain the gospel message clearly and concisely, when I feel so inadequate?

Ken is an author of,
“Finding God in the Bible” (2005),
“Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself” (2014), “Where No One Has Heard” (2016)

To arrange a time for Ken to come and share a message (s) at your church he can be reached at: (724) 452-9388