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Dan Schall Ministries
P.O. Box 272
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Phone: (724) 452-7616

Scheduling Concerts?  Here are some common questions that are asked...

Do you have Promotional Materials available to assist in advertising your event?

Sure!  Follow this link to the Promotional Material page. 

What do your concerts consist of?

My concerts are one hour in length. I sing the older gospel songs by such groups as the Gaithers, and others. I also sing the old hymns and some bluegrass. I share my testimony of what God has done in my life, and try to add some humor. I like to have the people join me in the music too. Every one likes to sing! My background music is my own from my recordings, and I also play the guitar some during the concert.

How does someone schedule you for a concert?

That is real simple. Just drop me a letter, e-mail, or call (724-452-7616). I schedule my own concerts. Size of the church or group is not an issue. Depending on the distance I like to try to schedule several concerts in the area if the distance is over 300 miles from out home.

Do you do Sunday morning services?

 The concert is still the same as any other. I do ask that I am given as much time as possible. I do work with the church to include certain parts of their normal services.

What is the cost for you to come give a concert?

In most cases if the concert is open to the public I ask that a offering be taken. In some cases such as suppers, organizations I do have a set honorarium.

Do you need overnight accommodations?

I do ask to find somewhere to park my motor home. I have a self contained motor home. Usually I can find a flat spot around the church and run an extension cord for electric. My home away from home!