The Upper Room - One of my favorite sites.  Daily devotions and many interesting subjects.

Listen to Hymns - Site where you can download hymns played by MIDI and words and music.

Billy Graham On Line -   A man that has help bring billions into the Kingdom of God.

"J E S U S"  Signs  - A unique ministry of spelling the Gospel. A husband and wife from northern Pennsylvania have a ministry of placing free "Jesus Signs" in many locations.  Yes free of charge!  Churches, homes and location where someone wants to share the gospel and their faith in Christ.  You can contact them by e-mail:

Shroud of Christ - Photos and update on the cloth that covered Christ.

American Flag - History of our America symbol.

One Verse Bible - Great site for looking up scriptures.

Focus On the Family - Great family site filled with topics of God in the family.

Moment With the Book - Distributor of Gospel Tracts

Antique Tractor Shows that I have an ongoing ministry at throughout the summer months.
Ashtabula County Steam Show           Pioneer Steam Show               Mercer County Antique Power

Churches that I have ministered in and keep in touch with their outreaches.
Harrisville United Methodist, PA       Lady Lake United Methodist, FL       South Harborcreek UMC, PA
 Leominster United Methodist, MA