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Dan Schall Ministries Memorials
In Memory

Ann Snyder
by her husband, Bob

Jack Calhoun
by his wife, Caroline

Dale L. Wallin
by Ted Wallin

Anita & Carl Heilsberg
by Jan, Bill, and James

Diane Lapp
by Lindsay Lapp

Gerald Benn
by his wife, Carolyn

Eleanor Schwenk

 by her husband Calvin

Charlie McDonald
 by friends John & Rosemary Stalker

Lorraine Urey
 by her husband Robert

John David Ward, Jr
 by his wife Suzanne, WV

John J. Schmidt
 by his wife Evelyn, Kingsville, OH

Richard Quackenbush
 by his wife Ginny, TN

Merv Nurss
 by his wife, Jan, PA
Murfee Becker
by Bonnie Dearborn, MI

John David Ward
by his wife, Suzanne, WV

Muriel Matthews
by her daughter
Kathy Dowling, PA

Helen Shute
by her daughters
Brenda Shute & Karen Zedreck, PA

John Vlasic
by A.J. , Gloria & Terrie Detz
Sligo, PA

Leo Gogul
by his wife,  Diane
Andover, OH

Howard Peterson
by his daughter
Patricia Peterson

Mary K. Spahr
by Janet & Lary Markowitz
New Castle, PA
by George & Carol Mader
Delmont, PA
by Clifford & Cora Rein
McKeesport, PA
by Norma Martin
Winter Haven, FL
by Bob & Nancy Forney
St. Cloud, FL

Boyd E. Brown
by his wife, Uldine, PA

John Rehfeld
by his wife, Sharyn, PA

Ruth Stuck
by her daughter Beth & husband Rob Wehr

Donald K. Smith
by Don & Ethelda Kaib

Mildred DeWyer
by Irene Rinker

John W. Ramsey
by Annetta Ramsey
Leeper, PA

Jerry Hessler
by Shirley Hessler
Palm Coast, FL

Bernice Heilsberg
by Carl Heilsberg, ME

Ruth Forrester
by Dale & Joy Forrester, FL
by Gloria & Bernie Long

Mae Fordyce
by Marjoire Smisky

Mildred DeWyer
by Irene Rinker    

Leonard J. Sassone
by Don & Ethelda Kaib
Don Kaib
by Paul & Louise Bush
Butler, PA
by Mr./Mrs. Gary E. Young
Butler, PA
by Mr./Mrs. Branden L. Kaylor
Central Butler Admin. School District
by Esther Sassone

Mae Fordyce
by Marjorie Smisky

Sarah Jones-Ketterer
by Mr./Mrs. Allen Jones

Jerry Baugher
by Tom & Donna Orr, OH

Paul Dyer
Fran Page
Kenneth Pate

by Ethelda Kaib

Mary Sutton
by John & Rosemary Stalker
by Shirley Garin
by Pat & Dick & Christian Ward
by Dick & Shirley Stalker

Anita Faye Heilsberg
by Carl Heilsberg

Ed Friedstrom
by his wife, Debbie, Ashtabula, OH

Robert Kosto
by his wife, Vivian, Weirton, WV

Allen F. Shute
by his wife, Helen, Butler, PA

Ron Gilson
(Dan Schall Ministries Board Member) and
by his wife, Pat, Erie, PA

John J. Schmidt
 by his wife Evelyn, Kingsville, OH

A. Dean Busatto
by Judy Busatto & Family

Agnes Mae Jone
by her Nieces & Nephews    

Carl Heilsberg
Anson, Maine
by his daughters

Memorial Given by VIne Lipp & family to:
Dorothy Munger
John Kuncz
Don Palamer
Raymond Autin
Harlan Waid, Sr.
James Hamilton
Elsie Hodge
Ted Welser
Dalton Williams
Lee Fetters
Ray Beckwich
David Rice      

Charles David Frederick
by his parents, Tom & Susan

Vine Lipps
by her son, Bart & Pam Lipps
by her daughter Linda & Jim Hall